Wacky Ripple Games


Teams of 2-3 • A Series of Wacky Challenges • Prizes for the Winners!
Grab a friend or a family member (or two), and combine your quirky skills to navigate
an assortment of odd challenges and (maybe) win prizes!
Each station will require a different skill
Demonstrate your daring! Believe in your friends!
Let no one question your quickness!
Show everyone that you really can work together as a team!
Each of the events will be timed 
Each team will be given a device that records their time. The fastest teams win prizes.
Each team will compete against teams of similar ages
There will be three categories: Families (at least one person under 12), Teens (13-18), and Open (all ages)
Winners get prizes
Sponsors of each station will give away prizes to the winners in each team category.
More details coming soon!
Be sure to sign up below in order to be notified!
Interested in being a Sponsor?
We’re looking for Midtown/Broad Ripple businesses and groups to sponsor each station and provide prizes. Provide the manpower to run your station, and your cost will be even lower. Be sure to sign up below and check the sponsor box, and we’ll send more details.